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International cooperation of APRC Nitra is aimed at:

  • Participation in common programmes, projects and experiments,
  • Participation in scientific events,
  • Organizing of scientific events
  • Membership in international organizations
Participation in common programmes, projects and experiments

Important mission of APRC is development of international cooperation and integration into the international scientific-research area. Participation in common scientific international activities represents great benefit to the Centre and Slovakia as well. First of all it is the possibility to work in leading scientific institutions in the world. At the same time the leading specialists from these institutions come to work in our Centre. It enables to acquire new methods and processes in work on experiments. During these experiments it is also possible to do costly analyses in expensive apparatuses, which would be otherwise not affordable to us. Realization of common international scientific projects and experiments influences significantly also the educational process. Scientific doctorands, who are trained in our Centre, participate in it and the knowledge is also disseminated among students of universities by means of our scientific workers, who act as external university lecturers.

At present APRC participates in 13 international projects, out of which 1 is realised within the seventh, 2 within sixth EU framework programme, 8 are realised on the basis of bilateral agreements, 2 were ordered by foreign partners.

Within 7th FP is realised one project:

211606 REDNEX – Innovative and Practical Management Approaches to Reduce Nitrogen Excretion by Ruminants – period of realisation 2008-2013
Coordination place of project: ID-Lelystad, Instituut voor Dierhouderij en Diergezondheid B.V. the Netherlands
Project coordinator: Dr. Ad. Van Vuuren
Project coordinator (investigator) for APRC Nitra: Ing. Mária Chrenková, PhD.
Place of work in SK: APRC Nitra, Dpt. of Nutrition
Co-operating organisations:
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), France,
Bundesforschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft, Germany,
Institute of Grassland and Environmental University of reading, GB,
Ghent University, Belgium,
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona,
EAAP, University of Aarhus.
Objective of the project is innovation and practical management approaches to reduce nitrogen excretion by ruminants.

Within 6th FP are realised two projects:

MTKI-CT-2005-029863 OPTISCORE – Applying new electronic sensors to create animal condition scoring protocols for the automated measurement of health and welfare traits for use in sustainable organic dairy cow breeding programmes - period of work 2006-2010
Coordination place of project: ICE ROBOTICS LIMITED, Roslin, GB
Project coordinator: Robert Boyce
Project coordinator (investigator) for APRC Nitra: Ing. Peter Polák, PhD.
Place of work in SK: APRC Nitra, Dpt of Animal Breeding
Co-operating organisations:
Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Denmark,
Federal Agricultural Research Centre – FAL, University of Hohenheim, Germany,
Agricultural Research Organisation, Israel,
Louis Bolk Institute, University of Utrecht, Wageningen University and Research Centre, the Netherlands,
Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Poland,
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
The objective is to develop new electronic sensors for the automated measurement of health and welfare in farm animals.

870/2004AGRI-2006-0266 An integrated network of decentralized counry biodiversity and genebank databases - period of work 2007-2010
Coordination place of project: EAAP, Rome, Italy
Project coordinator: Andrea Rosati
Project coordinator (investigator) for APRC Nitra: Ing.Marta Oravcová , PhD.
Place of work in SK: APRC Nitra
Co-operating organisations:
Scientific and research organisations and universities in all EU countries + Switzerland, Island and Georgia
The objective of this project is creation of decentralized network of national EFABIS systems (European Farm Animal Breeding Information Systems) providing information on animal genetic resource inventories in individual countries.

On the bases of bilateral agreement are realized 8 international projects

projects of Slovak-Czech intergovernmental scientific-technical cooperation:
- SK-CZ-0007-07 – Effective utilization of computing technique in breeding of ruminants – period of work 2008-2009
- SK-CZ-0032-07 – Evaluation of welfare and preference of dairy cows when lying in boxes with different fillings – period of work 2008-2009

project of Slovak-Chinese intergovernmental scientific-technical cooperation:
- SK-CN-0026-07 – Biotechnological and zoo-technical methods and processes in improvement of breeding farm animals – period of work 2008 – 2009

project of Slovak-Austrian scientific-technical cooperation:
- SK-AT-0011-08 – New dynamics in projects with knock-out mice and cultivations of embryonic stem cells – period of work 2008-2010

project of Slovak-German bilateral scientific-technical cooperation:
- 14/03 Functional and morphological development of digestive tract in young ruminants – period of work 2006-2009
- SCH 627/1-1 Influence of protein source on development of intestinal mucosa in young ruminants – period of work 2007-2009
- SCHW 642/5 Occurrence, regulation and transport-physiological importance of vacuolar H-ATPase in rumen epithelium of sheep and cattle – period of work 2007-2009

project of Slovak-Polish scientific-technical cooperation was also signed:
- Nutritional value of legume seeds originating from Central Europe in nutrition of monogastric animals - period of work 2009-2011

Projects ordered by foreign partners:
- Influence of DIGESTAROM® 1310 on quality of milk and litter in sows
Project was ordered by the partner from Germany.

- Study of exogene phytase influence (RONOZYMR NP) on exploitation of nutrients in pigs
Project is realized on the basis of agreement with foreign partner from Switzerland.

Participation in scientific events and organizing of international events in Slovakia

Employees of the Centre participate every year:
in four European and world congresses, which take place in regular one year or more year intervals (e.g. congresses of the European Association for Animal Production and World Zoo-technical Association, International Society for Animal Genetics, International Milk Federation, International Society for Applied Ethology, etc.),
in about 20 – 22 scientific specialist symposia and conferences.
Every year the Centrum organizes the International Film Festival Agrofilm. Besides it organizes international events (symposia and conferences) with various themes in the sphere of animal production. In 2008 were organized 9 such events.

Membership in international organizations.

Employees of APRC represent this organization in 46 important international scientific and specialist non-governmental organizations.
The most important positions in the international organizations:

Within EAAP occupy the employees of APRC following positions: Vice president of EAAP (Prof. Štefan Mihina), secretary of Commission on Pig Production (Mgr. Dana Peškovičová) and national coordinator (Prof. Ladislav Hetényi).

Body of the OECD Agricultural Commission is aimed at development of basic and applied agricultural sciences and sustainable natural resources. Representative of APRC is member of the committee (Mgr. Dana Peškovičová) and national coordinator (Prof. Ladislav Hetényi).

Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) – SoW-AnGR – working group for animal genetic resources conservation – national coordinator of animal gene resources in SK (Prof. Ladislav Hetényi).

EC Standing Committee on Agricultural Research – prepares specialist documents for conception of new calls for Framework Programmes of development in science and technology in EU and assesses the state of their fulfilment – representative for APRC in SCAR (Prof. Štefan Mihina).

Non-governmental organisation granting aid to developing countries, poor and starving people in rural regions – member of the committee and director for Central and Eastern Europe (Prof. Ladislav Hetényi).