Tasks of the Slovak Research and Development Agency
  • Magnetic separation of animal cells for the use in biomedicine and agricultural fields


  • Influence of body condition and some immunologic factors (CD molecules) on fertilization process in cattle


  • Application of biotechnological methods to preserve animal genetic resources


  • Plant substances as natural regulators of ovarian functions in farm animals (ReproPlant)


  • Safety of therapeutically and commercially used nanoparticles (NanoRepro)


  • Influence of outer and inner factors on emissions and concentrations of harmful gases in housing for pigs, chickens and dairy cows


  • Quality of lambs in different weight categories assessed on the basis of fatty acids spectrum and physical-chemical properties of meat and fat


  • Multiplex molecular-genetic analyses in identification of unknown samples of free-living game


  • Laboratory methods for feed evaluation


  • Utilization of alginit to stabilize and stimulate the effect of probiotic biopreparations in medicine and healthy nutrition


  • Probiotic microorganisms and control of cytokine response in prevention of immunopathological changes during enteral bacterial infections in poultry


  • Influence of fermentation processes and aerobic stability in maize silages on content and digestibility of neutral detergent fibre and starch