Institute of Apiculture Liptovský Hrádok (IoA)



Ing. Ľubica Rajčáková, PhD.

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Tasks of IoA
The institute preserves the gene pool of the indigenous Apis mellifera carnica of the Carpathian type in line with the current needs of beekeeping in Slovakia. The breeding work is carried out in order to improve the gene pool of bees in Slovak Republic with emphasis on good health, quality of bee products, and effective use of pollination activity of bees. Attention is paid to issues concerning biology, reproduction, health, technology of bee breeding as well as quality of bee products.

Scientific and research priorities of the institute

  • Definition of criteria and methods for evaluation, selection and breeding of bees for required performance traits
  • Selection and multiplication of breeding material with highly developed instinct for cleaning
  • Selection, verification and maintenance of foulbrood-resistant bee lines
  • Testing of new remedies for bee diseases
  • Clinical and laboratory testing of new effective substances with acaricide effect against bee varroasis
  • Optimisation of the effectiveness of breeding and hygienic sanitation measures in bee populations
  • Monitoring of hygienic harmlessness of honeys in ecologically endangered areas and observation of occurrence of remedies residua in bee products
  • Investigation into the effective use of honeybees in pollination and landscape creation, evaluation of the contribution of bees to the increase of yields in entomophylous crops grown by alternative methods as compared with commercial systems
  • Evaluation of the effects of agricultural chemicals on honeybees and other useful insects

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