Institute of Small Farm Animals

Ing. Ľubomír Ondruška, PhD.

Head of ISFA

Phone: 037/6546 139

Mobile: 0905 680 272

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Tasks of ISFA

The research in this institute is aimed at: breeding, genetics, nutrition, controlled reproduction, technology, biotechnical methods and their innovations in rabbit and gallinaceous fowl husbandry; at utilisation of specialised rabbit populations for production of biologically active matters and tissue structures. It is engaged in breeding and creation of specialised lines of Japanese quails and conservation of animal genetic resources of the national breeds of domestic fowl and domestic rabbit. Another area of research is also the population dynamics of game living in agrarian ecosystems, its health as a reflection of the environmental impact; ecologisation of agrarian habitats, which preserve and increase biodiversity in conditions of intensive plant production. The research addresses also problems of biology and physiology of game kept on farms, of genetics in free-living animal populations.


Scientific and research priorities of the institute: 

● Conservation, genetic stabilisation and possibilities of utilisation of original meat lines, national breeds of rabbits and selected breeds of poultry

● Increase in the production potential of small farm animals for production of functional food

● Molecular-genetic markers in selection of rabbits and poultry and innovation of biotechnological methods in reproduction of small farm animals

● Utilisation of small farm animals in biomedicine research

● Support of biodiversity in agrarian landscape

● Research of population dynamics and health in field game

● Farm breeding of brown hare