The main task of the extension is to connect the scientific-research activity of the institute with the users sphere, namely with managing authorities, breeders associations, biological and technical services and agricultural primary production in all professional spheres of the institute. To realize the extension according to their requests and to form extension teams to solve topical problems in order to make the animal production more effective.

The extension is orientated to:
  1. Individual extension activities:
  • analyses and preparation of conceptual materials for the control sphere and breeders associations,
  • preparation of development programmes in animal breeding and rendering extension at their realization,
  • realization of activity inventories and preparation of proposal of measures to improve the state,
  • consultations for users,
  • laboratory analyses of feeds and milk.

  1. General extension activities:
  • preparation of Slovak and regional professional events for the users sphere (courses, trainings, days of new technique, panel discussions, etc.),
  • knowledge of practice, science and research at professional events.

  1. Preparation of prints for the users sphere:
  • publication of professional literature (books, methodics, brochures),
  • publication of instruction poster series,
  • preparation of articles for the professional periodicals.