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In the period of internationalization and globalization of information we want to continue and develop the many years’ successful tradition by organizing 17th International Conference "Forage Conservation" in Horny Smokovec, Slovak Republic, on 27th to 29th September 2016. The Conference will be held in Grand Hotel Bellevue.

The objective of the conference is to collect the latest knowledge on traditional and prospective sources of feeds; on effective, environmental friendly and safe utilization of native, conserved and biological-technological modified feeds in the food chain from the view-point of production.

It is our intent to discuss the optimum structure and choice of feeds suitable for particular localities and production aims also with respect to expected climatic changes. We want to pay attention to questions of growing, treatment, harvest, processing and conservation of feeds; to problems of ensilaging and control of the process of primary and secondary fermentation, preservation of nutritional and hygienic quality and stability of feeds during storage; to possibilities of improvement of nutritive value in feeds and techniques of feeding as well as to current problems of utilization of feed crops in bioenergetics.

We believe that the conference will provide opportunity for exchange of new information and contribute to broadening of existing contacts and creation of new ones, which will become the basis for future cooperation when solving topic problems in the sphere of production, conservation and utilization of feed resources in safe food chain.

The organizers invite you cordially to participate and they look forward to you.


Organizing Committee of ICFC