Slovak information and documentation centre for feeds
National data bank for feeds The Slovak documentation and information centre (SLOVFIC) was established at the Institute for Animal Nutrition APRC Nitra to create, manage and utilize the national data bank of feeds. Its activities began in 2000 and it is a departmental part of the state information system.

The main aims of the information system are: 

  • continuously collect all available data which characterize the feed, its origin, chemical composition, nutritive value, quality, price, etc. from workplaces which are engaged in analyses of feeds in Slovakia,
  • to classify the obtained data, calculate and supply new parameters necessary for determination of nutritive value, to process them statistically and to archive them
  • in regular periods process and publish surveys of current state for the needs of users, extension, services, managing, control and scientific institutions.
The data basis contains processed results of more than 50 000 analyses of feeds obtained by the synthesis of results of analyses performed in the chemical and physiological laboratory of theInstitute for Animal Nutrition RIAP Nitra and some native and foreign resource data bases which are permanently up-dated and objectifed. The complete set contains staticitcally processed survey of results of basic analyses supplied by non-standard analyses of acid and neutral etergent fibre, digestibility of organic matter, degradability of crude protein in roventriculi, intestinal digestibility of non-degraded crude protein by the methods in sacco and in vivo, from them derived parameters of nutritive value, content of macro and micro elements, amino acids, vitamins as well as digestibility coefficients of nutrients for ruminants, pigs and poultry.