About the Conference - Animal Biotechnology 2015

Dear Participants and Colleagues

We are very pleased to welcome you on the 3rd International Scientific Conference „Animal Biotechnology 2015“. The conference is organized by the Research Institute for Animal Production Nitra, National Agricultural and Food Centre in cooperation with the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science, Slovak University of Agriculture Nitra.

The aim of the conference is presentation of actual research from the field of animal biotechnology, with a special focus on embryo manipulations. The topic areas of the conference will involve transgenesis, cloning, in vitro fertilization, cryopreservation as well as genetic and epigenetic effects on gametes and embryos.

Moreover, the conference will provide an opportunity to gather researchers engaged in this and adjacent fields of research in order to exchange their skill and experience as well as to establish potential collaboration in a given task. We would appreciate attendance and participation on this conference of colleagues from various research institutions and universities.

We wish you cordial and warm atmosphere at our conference for presentation, creative and fruitful discussion and inspiring ideas for future research.


Nitra, June, 2015                                                                  Peter Chrenek

Reklamný prúžok
Reklamný prúžok